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Tired of Paying too much for Credit Card Processing?

The FeeSlicers Program was designed to empower merchants everywhere with the knowledge they need to succeed.  After signing up for our program, you will have knowledge of the credit card processing industry that NO ONE has ever told you about and that no one wanted you to know.  We rip the covers off and expose all of the industry’s dirty little secrets; including all of the hidden fees and mischievous agendas of ALL merchant processing companies.

You Will Become An Expert In

  • The Processing Ecosystem

    Every credit card transaction makes several stops before settling into your bank account.  This module will explain the entire process from swipe to settlement.

  • Interchange Makeup

    Learn all about Interchange and how the industry has managed to create this mess.  With cards falling into hundreds of categories, we will guide you through the convoluted mess that is the backbone of the merchant processing industry.

  • Pricing Methods

    Learn all about the various pricing methods that are deployed in the industry.  Some methods are good and some are just plain deceptive!

  • Processing Methods

    Become an expert in the various methods of accepting credit cards, from traditional credit card terminals to accepting payments on your mobile device.

  • Aggregation

    You’ve heard of PayPal, Google Checkout and Square but do you know what makes them different from a traditional account? You will, once you sign up for FeeSlicers!

  • PCI Compliance

    Learn all about PCI compliance and what it means to your business. Understand the various levels of compliance and learn some tips on what to look for and what to avoid when choosing a merchant account provider.

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Our exclusive FeeNinja program allows you to focus on your business and not worry about your fees.

Through this program you will assigned a dedicated FeeNinja to work on your account.  They will examine your current processing statements and provide you with a complete proposal for fair and honest pricing, including a competitive analysis that you can take directly to your current merchant account provider.

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A Day in the Life as a Typical Merchant

Today, many merchants are aware of the fact that the credit card processing industry is built with snake oil salesman.   The industry itself stillserves a very vital component of commerce that has become a necessary evil for every merchant. If you’re not accepting credit cards, then you’re not going to be successful!

As an example, let’s say that you run an upscale boutique in your town and that last week you had a merchant account salesman in your shop telling you that he can save you thousands on your credit card processing fees.  The sales person (let’s call him Slimy Sam) tells you that you will only be paying 2% for your credit card processing with no monthly fees! You agree and sign up for the account.  Now you are feeling pretty good about the decision…

A month goes by and your first merchant account statement shows up.  You take a look and realize that you are now being charged $19.99/mo. and your credit card processing fees are well over 3%! You call Slimy Sam and say, “There is something wrong with my statement.”  Sam tells you he is sorry that you are upset and he will review your statement.  Sam calls back and says, “I have reviewed your statement and the fees and charges are exactly as we agreed.”  You hold your composure as you tell Sam that it can’t be true!

Sam then goes on to tell you that credit card processing is “complicated” and some cards, like reward cards, process at different rates. Huh? You tell him that you agreed upon a rate of 2%.  He replies, “Indeed, we did and that is exactly what you are paying anytime a Yellow Visa Debit Card with the numbers 3920 and the name Sally on it is used at your store.”   Slowly losing your temper, you exclaim how ridiculous his statement is and he replies, “It’s not me, it’s the industry.”

Angrier and ready to blow your top, you tell him you would like to cancel your account. He then tells you with a tone of arrogance, that you’re under contract. He tells you if you cancel, you will be subject to a $500.00 early termination fee. You finish out the term and begin a new search for a more ethical merchant account processing company.  After countless hours of research, you choose a new company (Ethical Processing, Inc.) that sounds like a perfect fit; they even have ethics in the name!  You call them up and they ask you the same 100 questions that Sam asked to get you approved. You become annoyed but you accept it because you know that this is the last time you will be doing this, because at last, this appears to be is a great and ethical company!

Within 3-5 days, you have the account and you are ready to go.  Ethical Processing sends you the welcome letter and instructions on programming your credit card machine.  You follow the steps and everything seems to be working as it should.  “Open For Business!”  You exclaim to the customers waiting to use their credit cards.

Everything seems to be going along just fine for the first week or so. On week 2, you login into your online banking and see a NEGATIVE balance and some OVERDRAFT fees!  You think this must be a mistake because you have had over $20,000 in credit card sales this week alone. You look at the recent transactions and realize that no credit card deposits have been made into your account for over 2 weeks!  You call Ethical Processing, and they tell you that they don’t see any transactions from your new account.  Thinking this must somehow be Slimy Sam’s fault, you give him a ring and he tells you that he doesn’t see the transactions either!

You go back and forth with the two companies and eventually after 20 hours of troubleshooting and fumbling through the buttons on your credit card machine with technical support, the money shows up in your account.  Finally, you think you are all set.  The money is being deposited into your account regularly, it seems that you have everything in order, and you are ready to focus on your business.

A few months have passed by and you are anxious to check your merchant account statement to see the new lower “ethical” fees.  You tear open the statement and the fees definitely seem lower, until you reach the bottom of the statement where you find a “non-compliance” monthly fee of $19.99 and an additional “BWCAN” (because we can) fee of $5.99.  It’s at this moment that you realize that the merchant services industry is possibly the most deceptive industry in existence and that you are just another willing victim of the crime. is Reshaping the Merchant Account Processing Industry!

Before now, we would have agreed with you, “It is what it is.”  Submit no more!  FeeSlicers is here to put the fight back into the merchant’s hands!

We warn you that some of these secrets will make you nauseous just to read them.  There are Billions of dollars in profits being made through unfair pricing strategies and hidden, barely legal fees.  We will expose all of the tricks, show you what to look for, and offer some tips on how to avoid these “marketing traps” and get the merchant account pricing you deserve.  Take the power back! This program is made solely to empower every merchant with the proper tools to stand up to the evil processing bullies (and sound good doing it)!

Once you’ve completed the FeeSlicers Program you will be able to reduce your existing credit card processing fees by up to 50%! Guaranteed!

“I actually educated a new merchant processing rep who stopped in for a cold call. I think he stepped into a cold shower!”

Rick H., Hendricks Plumbing & Heating

Why FeeSlicers?

Over 25 Years of Experience

Our team is made up of Payments Industry veterans with over 25 years of experience.  This program was developed after years of watching our friends & family be constantly lied to by merchant account sales reps.

Let’s Start a Revolution

We are ready to change the merchant processing industry!  Together, with your help, we can!  Take the power back and start saving on your merchant processing account.  Lower Your Fees!

Fee Guarantee 

We are so confident that all merchant accounts have hidden fees or have experienced dishonest pricing methods that we guarantee our program will teach you how to lower your merchant processing fees!  After completing the program, if you can’t lower your merchant processing fees we will give you your money back!

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